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FyPress is a mini CMS based on Flask and Jinja2, aimed to easily deploy content-managed websites through organized articles and pages, using simply HTML.

FyPress is definitely not stable yet and should not be used in a live environment.

Install FyPress

git clone git@github.com:Fy-/FyPress.git
cd FyPress
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
(env) pip install -r requirements.txt

Edit your configuration file config.py

(env) python manager.py init_db
(env) python manager.py init_fypress --login=yourLogin --email=your@email.tld --passwd=yourPassword
(env) python run.py

Build your website &

Run with gunicorn

Copy gunicorn.example.py > gunicorn.py, gunicorn.example.sh > gunicorn.sh
Install gunicorn and gevent:

(env)pip install gunicorn gevent
./gunicorn.sh start

Choosing a Python ORM

When I started FyPress I was tired of SQLAlchemy and wanted to do something different and simple, my first idea was to do RAW SQL only. It was annoying and I was wasting a lot of time, so I started Fy_MySQL who was supposed to be a small MySQL ORM. At the...

OEmbed media

FyPress use FyPress.utils.oembed to import random medias from internet (video, sound, image, tweet...).FyOembed currently support: Dailymotion Youtube Vimeo Instagram Flickr Mixcloud Soundcloud Spotify Twitter Scribd Feel free to improve the code and ad...

FyPress v0.1-dev

FyPress repository is now open to the public for browsing and contribution.In the future I will be documentating the code and adding fonctions for developpers: Theme system documentation, tags and functions. Plugin system with events to hook fypress core...