domino IRCd – Python IRC Server

Fork me on GitHubOne day domino will be a full-featured IRC server, for now it’s just a playground.

Fill free to try on 🙂

* Welcome to Fy
* Your host is "", running version Domino
* This server was created on Thursday, 11. October 2018 06:52AM
* Domino OQWxrB mrnstlqaovh


git clone

#: virtualenv -p python3 domienv
#: source domienv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

py #: edit config dict (oper password with; need to make a web ui with flask)


Unique features

1. OperServ name is Loki and BotServ is Deadpool: Best feature ever.

2. Best hostnames ever: Using markov chains and MCU Subtitles

3. Server side smileys: (stupid concept)

<Fy>  😠 😠 😠
<Fy> XD