FyWorld – An open-source Base-Building / Simulation game.

FyWorld is an open-source top down simulation game in a fantasy medieval world inspired by RimworldDwarf FortressPrison Architectand my favorite game The 4th coming.

You can look at this like a mega-tutorial or just a crazy geek trying to make a Rimworld-like game while streaming everything.

This is just a hobby but I would love to turn this into something more although that requires time and money ^_^ So if you are interested please consider supporting the project 🙂

Website: https://fyworld.net
Youtube: My Channel (Gaming & Dev)
Repository: Github/Fy-/FyWorld
Patreon: Well it’s an open-source project (I have no leverage :'(), but still if you like the idea please consider donating 🙂

And the playlist, hope you enjoy 🙂