FyWorld – An open-source Base-Building / Simulation game.

FyWorld is an open-source top down simulation game in a fantasy medieval world inspired by RimworldDwarf FortressPrison Architectand my favorite game The 4th coming.

You can look at this like a mega-tutorial or just a crazy geek trying to make a Rimworld-like game while streaming everything.

This is just a hobby but I would love to turn this into something more although that requires time and money ^_^ So if you are interested please consider supporting the project 🙂

There was a time long ago when humans wandered the world in great numbers. There was a time of legends and heroes, of incredible accomplishments and great deeds, a time when the world knew true grandeur. But this time is ending and a God watching this extinction event with amusement decide to let escape some people through a magic portal.

The chosen ones arrive in this new hostile world and you’ll need to guide your new belivers, help them manage their health, habitations, occupations and needs. All your choices will have consequences on this new fragile realm.

Do you feel worthy of being a God?


  • Seasons / Temperature
  • Animals / Biomes
  • World Generation

God / Faith System

  • Not public yet


  • Stats  [List not public atm]
  • Psychology [List not public atm]
  • Health [List not complete atm]
  • Skills [List not complete atm]
        • Mining / Wood cutting
        • Farming / Harvesting
        • Carpentery / Rock cutting
        • Cooking
        • Artist : Bard / Jester
        • Mage (Secret)


  • Not public atm.

Combat System

  • Not public atm.