Stick them with a disapointy end.

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If the writers of a show become a Person of Interest, it’s not supposed to be because it’s Breaking Bad. They said, before the reactions started: “It’s not possible to make everyone happy when ending something like Game of Thrones.” It’s like asking “How to Get Away With Murder?” before killing someone. They are Shameless, but of course, it’s the Community‘s fault if we feel Lost.

When my watch began, I was flying so high before they cut The Wire which was holding me up, just to fell Six Feet Under in a pool of deception. You start by building a House – no, a Castle – a story filled with True Blood and Revenge and you just watch it all crumble. You’re allowed to feel Grimm, when at the end, you feel nothing, just like a Walking Dead. It’s like an Archer just pierced your heart with an Arrow. But more than that, if you’re feeling all of that, you’re allowed to express yourself without being called a Mad Men.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Game of Thrones. I loved everything about the last season, everything, except for the writing and decision making. Just with that, they killed the show and here are 13 Reasons Why:

4. It’s too fast. It’s over in a Flash.

8. I’m not pretending I can be inside the head of characters, I’m no Mind Hunter nor Sense8 but still, you can clearly see their decisions make no sense (only to justify the plot they want you to accept).

15. Without being a True Detective or even Sherlock you can see the mistakes. Not just through the characters but on the screen (here is the list of inconsistencies). * Let me grab a coffee, or maybe water before I continue writing this stupid post. * I’m no Master of Coins either but if you have the biggest budget in television history you’re allowed to fix your mistakes (but they kinda forgot). If you don’t have the time because you’re working on Starwars, just ask for Help. Right now it’s just a fucking Money Heist.

16. This season was so bland. I know all roads lead to Rome and I could be fine with where most of them end up. But what’s interesting in a story is not the destination, it’s the path. As a wise man said Once Upon a Time: “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

23. Don’t Lie to Me. Do not use your insane image quality, your beautiful music, sets and costumes to put Peaky Blinders in front of my eyes. Don’t steal from LotR and the Lion King to make me feel something. All of this to make me kinda forget the obvious: It was bad. And when I start to see the matrix, don’t blame me. You’ll create the Punisher you fear so much. Don’t stick the fans with a “disapointy” end.

42. Oh, I know this is not 13 reasons and the numbers have no sense (ask Hugo). This is a tribute to David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

Did I just subvert your expectations? Are you happy now? Shocked? Angry? (I’m so bad at this game).

I have seen Stranger Things in the past, but now GoT is Dark and full of errors. Just a reflection of what it once was trough a Black Mirror. It’s in The Blacklist with so many other shows. It’s a Death Note to all that is good and right, just another American Horror Story if you ask me.

I’m now waiting for the books with my Entourage and Friends. Just a band of Missfitsall Freaks and GeeksThe Originals, the Freefolks to whom I pledge my oath again:

I do not kneel.

To all of the cast and crew members (not just The IT Crewd). For your amazing job and commitment through the years: Thank you. — A fan with no name.